How Tuna hydrolysate Liquid Organic Fertilizer Improved Agricultural Crops?

Tuna hydrolysate Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Tuna hydrolysate Organic fertilizer is very much useful for cultivating agricultural crops. Being organic in nature, it fits the needs of today’s generation who are genuinely concerned about the environment and are against the use of chemical fertilizers.

How is Tuna hydrolysate prepared ?

The term hydrolysate is a process where the raw fish material is turned into a soluble version, which is again mixed with other liquids to produce a Liquid Fertiliser. The products used are normally fish flesh, bones, scales, guts and more. These solid materials are finely ground and mashed up. Several enzymes are mixed to make the mixture into an amino acid based compound.

Benefits of Using Tuna hydrolysate Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Since Tuna hydrolysate is organic, using it on your garden, or farm can boost plant growth. Instead of using other varieties of fertilizers, research has proved that those who use organic fertilizers produce more fresh and green fruits and vegetables.

Here is how Tuna hydrolysate produces more improved agricultural crops :

Improving the soil quality : Tuna hydrolysate Organic fertilizer has a huge quantity of micro and macronutrients in it. It also contains amino acids and is rich in nitrogen. Hence, using the oil is tremendously beneficial for soil quality and improved rooting.

Supplies natural Nutrients to the plants : Organic fertilizer made from Tuna fish provides instant food for the plants. Since there is no chemical, the farmers or gardeners need not worry about any kind of contamination. In turn, it stimulates the plant growth and naturally improves the plant health.

Remember while using Liquid Fertiliser, you must take 1 part of it and mix with 3 parts water and spray all over your plants. Although there can be a fishy odor, relax it will fade out soon!