Evolution of Kitchen Knives and Their Maintenance

Japanese Knives

Just like everything else in this world, kitchen equipment to have been witnessing constant evolution. In this context, one can indeed claim that the product has reached the peak of its standard ever. One can find a huge range of designs in the knife segments in modern times. Specifically, the online stores have made it convenient for users to find excellent designs and material quality in one place.

Upgrading knife qualities

Despite the arrival of a great range of western accessories, the demand for traditional products is still quite intact. Modern-day kitchen products are manufactured using high-end technology and material quality by the desired purpose. For example, contemporary knives with double edges are indeed becoming more preferable for slicing of meats. It can be claimed that the knives of such are essential for preparing the specific western dishes. On the other hand, coming to the classic Japanese knives, these generally do come with a single bevel. It means their design is such that only one side of it is made sharpened. One can hardly find these knives curved. Upon shopping these knives through the renowned online stores of best brands, one can indeed witness the best quality standard and design. King whetstone can be another fine example of a product in this regard. Advanced designs of these products with proper holder make things useful for the users.

Demand for hand-made knives

Interesting is to see the massive demand for hand-made designs of knives in contemporary times. To be specific, these strategically made Japanese traditional knives at the locations like Sakai, Osaka, Japan have been at the peaks of demands. These places are traditionally known for being the knife manufacturers, since even the 17th century. One can find such exclusive collections through reputed online stores.


No matter how high-end the design of a knife is, but it becomes worthless unless being maintained properly. At the very basic level, one can simply sharpen it once in a certain period and maintain its shape. To make things simpler in this regard, it would be better to find the right accessory that can spontaneously remove the rust. A simple stain of the knife can keep it perfectly in shining and in-shape. One can use these accessories along the water as well, along with the genuinely found detergents. Except for the edge, one can try this method for all sections of the knife.

One may maintain a knife using the fundamental methods of sharpening or cleaning. However, when it comes about the removal of stubborn rusts or corrosive agents, specifically for the chef knife, the importance of proper accessory is highly felt. Not just the knives, the methods of such can be effective for maintaining the rusts on the floors, bathtubs, machines, etc., as well. The process of cleaning a knife becomes pretty much targeted in this way; specifically about the removal of stains. One can expect a greater life of the product upon maintaining it in this way. There are some corrosion preventing oil products available as well; those can be used for maintaining the knife quality thoroughly.

Know What Kind Of Oil Need To Sharpen Your Japanese Knife ?

Japanese Knife

Knives can be sharpened with stones, sharpening steel and various other products available in the market, but the oil assures that your blades stay protected, polished and safe for use. Oils are usually associated with lubricating, moisturising and restoring shine. This is why, we use them for cooking, in our body and hairs. Similarly, the usage of oil can smooth and disinfect many tools and machinery. Here, we are going to discuss the kind of oil that are used to sharpen the Japanese cutleries.

A Japanese kitchen knife is characterized by the toughness and longevity of the blade. This makes it possible to sharpen the blade very thinly and use it for a long time. Traditional Blades and Japanese Knives are made of carbon steel and the main problem of these steel is it rusts. Protecting the knives from rusting is essential not only for the health but also for aesthetic reasons.

Japanese Knife Maintenance is quite easy owing to a wide range of products available in the online stores. Though Japanese blades are known for durability and sharp edges it has a tendency of getting dull edges.

The Camelia Oil also known as Tsubaki oil is used to apply to your carbon knives in order to prevent them from oxidizing. Not only does Camellia Oil work well on knives and tools for protecting rust, but you can also use it for restoring shine and sharpness into your blade. Tsubaki is actually a Japanese wood described as the Camellia japonica and the oil derived from this wood is non-toxic.

If applied on high carbon tools, it can help you to protect and maintain the longevity by creating a membrane of the surface of the metal. This knife maintenance oil was very found among the samurai warriors and they used it for protecting and cleaning the swords.

It was a well-kept secret until people became luckily got the chance to avail products online. Using it is also very easy as you need to either spray the oil and use it in drops.

How To Use Camelia Oil To Sharpen Your Japanese Knife ?

  • Ensure that your knife is clean
  • Next, apply some camellia oil to the blade
  • Use the Aburatsubo or the oil applicator to spread the oil in the blade
  • Wipe the blade within the SABITORIKUN which is the stain remover
  • You can also apply the oil on your blades in dots and clean the rust using a soft clean towel. To remove the traces of the oil wash the knife under cold water before using.

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