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Knife Maintenance Oil applicator, “Aburatsubo” & Rust Eraser / Stain Remover


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Japanese Knife Maintenance Oil applicator, “Aburatsubo” is used for high-quality knife to maintain cutting and shining quality or to protect against any rust, corrosion and discoloration. Please put Knife Maintenance oil (eg.Tsubaki Camellia oil) or anti-corrosion oil(rust preventive oil) to paint at the surface of the blade for storage.

Size & weight : Dia.max.1.7″ (4.4 cm) x H. 3.4″(8.6 cm) app.63 grams

1. Please don’t put too much oil on as it will drop while painting.

2 .Please don’t use cooking oil, as it will be oxidized and become sticky after a while.

“SABITORIKUN” Medium # 120 (Pink) helps to remove rust and stains on your high-quality knife. Follow the grain of the knife, gently moving it back and forth. It is more effective to use with water or neutral detergent. Do not use it at the edge of the blade.

Removal of rust or stains on high-quality knife

Removal of rust or scorch attached with gas stove, fry pan, etc.

Removal of corrosion or stubborn rust stains on bicycle, car, etc.

Removal of mould or dirt on bath tub

Removal of dirt or rust on floor, door

Removal of rust or dirt on machine tools, such as Grinder, Drill, etc.

Put it on the spot of rust or dirt, etc., and move it back and forth until it is removed.


Abrasive particles are included in “SABITORIKUN”.

After removing rust or dirt, etc., there can be small scratch or less glossy on surface.

Do not use “SABITORIKUN” for any jewellery, works of art, pottery, lacquer ware, plastic materials, and leather articles, any finish on surface after plating, printing, painting, mirroring and knife at the edge of the blade.

Additional information

Weight .35 kg
Dimensions 23 × 6.5 × 6.5 cm


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